Weed Delivery NYC

Reliable, safe NYC weed delivery you can count on. Carrying the hottest brands of cartridges, flower, edibles and more in all of NYC!

Serving Up The Finest Cannabis Delivery In New York City

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Premium Flower

We source the finest flower from the best cannabis breeders in all of New York. Featuring strains like Gorilla Glue and Gelato!

Vape Cartridges

Take your medicine on the go with our premium assortment of tasty vape cartridges that combine high potency and delicious terps!

weed delivery edibles pretzels


From high potency brownies to cannabis drinks and dosed pretzels, our delicious edibles are perfect for non smokers and foodies alike.


Badder, budder, rosin, live resin and more round out our collection of highly potent extracts to dab with your friends or alone.

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Premium Pre Rolls

Perfect for concerts or after work as an easy way to get your medicine without getting your fingers sticky, our premium pre rolls come in amazing strains like Zkittlez and Runtz.

cannabis tinctures nyc


For our patients in need of medicine that don’t want the smoke or high calories of edibles, our cannabis tinctures are for you. Available in a range of flavors and doses

Cannabis Seeds

Our friends at NY Seeds & Clones have your back if you’re looking for high potency, high yield cannabis seeds for your first (or 10th) grow. Hundreds of awesome available!

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Cannabis Clones

No need to wait for your cannabis seeds to germinate, you can just order vigorous, healthy, rooted clones from NY Seeds & Clones and we’ll deliver your plants to your door!

Why Choose Our NYC Weed Delivery Service?

When deciding on the right cannabis delivery service for you, there are a number of factors you should consider before pulling the trigger. Here are a number of reasons why our delivery service is the best fit for your marijuana needs:

Safety: Each of our cannabis products has been rigorously tested by third party testing labs to ensure there are zero harmful chemicals in your medicine. We take extra precautions because we only want to provide you with clean, safe cannabis.

Quality: All of our cannabis products, from the edibles to concentrates are sourced from reputable companies that have an established track record in the industry for creating highly potent, safe products for their customers. Our flower is sourced from veteran breeders and our other products have been in the industry for years. 

Speed: Centrally located in New York City, our NYC weed delivery drivers and bikers are never too far away to ensure on time delivery of your cannabis. As we grow we’ll continue to add more team members to ensure prompt service for our beloved clients.

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Benefits Of Weed Delivery in New York City

With the availability of recreational cannabis on the horizon, we understand many customers will experience a number of issues when the masses have access to New York dispensaries. Here are a few reasons that cannabis delivery in NYC will be helpful:

Long Lines: We New Yorkers are busy! Just getting down to your local dispensary is only half the battle. Once you arrive you have to deal with a check in process and sometimes anywhere between 30 minutes to more than an hour just to be seen. We take the stress out of the dispensary process and let you relax at home while our team does the work.

Privacy: Not everyone wants others to know that they indulge in cannabis, so being seen walking into a dispensary by friends, family or coworkers is not a favorable situation to be in for anyone. Although the stigma surrounding marijuana usage has dropped dramatically, why get yourself into a potentially sticky situation? Let us discretely deliver your marijuana to you at home in privacy, with no risk of being seen.

Comfort: If you’re like many of our patients, walking or driving to a dispensary might be a painful experience. If you suffer from pain at all, the dispensary waiting room can aggravate existing issues. Instead of walking multiple blocks, hopping on the subway and sitting in an uncomfortable chair for an hour, why not just hang out comfortably on your couch at home? Give us a call or order your NYC weed delivery today and skip the pain!

We Love Our Customers, And They Love Us!

We know that it’s our patients and customers that keep us going, so we go the extra mile to ensure each of our beloved customers have a 5 star experience when ordering their NYC weed delivery. Here’s some of our feedback we’ve received recently.

nyc delivery customer keri

“Service was quicker than I thought it might be. Everything was right and my delivery guy was really sweet.”

Keri H.

brian customer picture

“If you’re thinking about trying weed delivery in NYC, you have to try Zoom. Loved my order!”

Brian M.

cannabis customer armando

“Thank you the delivery was really smooth and you guys have some strains that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I’ll be coming back.”

Armando S.

We Call NYC Home...And We Love It Here!

NYC is a special, vibrant city full of life and all kinds of amazing people. We love the energy of the city and the attractions. If you’re new here to New York, we recommend a few must see attractions like sprawling Central Park, culture heavy Metropolitan Museum of Art, and of course, the Statue of Liberty.

Contact us today to order the best weed delivery in NYC and be sure to ask about our 1st time customer and veterans discounts. We can’t wait to bring the medicine you need, right to your door!

We even service all the major hotels in the area, so if you’re on vacation we can deliver anywhere in New York City!


Weed Delivery Blog

We want our delivery customers to be as informed as possible when it comes to cannabis, so be sure to check out our blog. It’s full of great information for beginners and advanced users or patients. Here are a few highlights.

THC vs CBD: What Is The Difference?

What Is Kief?

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?


NYC Weed Delivery FAQ

With recreational cannabis on it’s way in NYC, we get a lot of questions from our patients and prospective customers. We’ve answered a list of our most asked questions to fill you in below!

Do I Need A Medical Card?

At the moment, yes. Recreational marijuana in New York won’t be available until the Fall of 2022, and may not be available until early 2023. For now we require that you send us an image of your NY issued medical card before we can deliver weed to you.

However, recreational cannabis is coming soon so sign up for our waiting list to be notified when recreational sales start so you can cah in our amazing launch deals and exemplary service.

Just click the Enter Now button at the top. ofour site to get on the list and be one step closer to enjoying premium cannabis delivery in New York City!

Are You Located in NYC?

Yes! We’re centrally located downtown and service customers throughout the entire city. We service all neighborhoods including:

SoHo | Upper East Side | East Village | Astoria | Chelsea | Washington Heights | Hell’s Kitchen | Greenwich Village | Manhattan | Upper West Side | Lower Manhattan | Brighton Beach | Tribeca | Gramercy Park | Park Slope

This is just to name a few. As we get bigger, our delivery times across NYC will shrink to get you your medicine even faster!

What Strains Do You Carry?

Great question! We carry all of the hottest strains across a variety of products like:

Grand Daddy Purple | Wedding Cake | Northern Lights | Zkittlez | Watermelon OG | Runtz | Chem Cookies | Juicy Fruit | Bruce Banner | Ice Cream Cake | Girl Scout Cookies | Cookie Dough | Blue Dream | Mandarin Cookies

This is just a handful, and we have new cannabis strains rotating in every month. We’ll continue to update our online menu so you can see what killer strains we have on deck each week!

How Do I Start My Delivery Order?

Simply scroll back up to the top of our site and click Register For Order to start the NYC weed delivery process. At the moment we’ll need you to send us some patient information and a photo of your id to ensure a legal delivery.

Once we text you back that your registration is complete, we’ll send you a link to our live menu that you can use to add products to your cart, checkout and set your delivery address.

Once your order is processed we’ll reach out to you with some delivery window options and most are same day!

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